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Your caravans with us


Here are some details regarding hiring out your caravan.


We charge a 15% commission on the price we hire out the caravan for. The price we charge for the caravan also includes up to 4 passes for the guests. We charge for extra passes for example £55 off-peak and £65 on peak and £50 for adult weekends. There is no commission charged on the dates you book yourself and you collect the money.

Owners book the passes themselves for the bookings they take and would need to let us know the bookings taken, so we can close them out on the website and not double book your van.

We charge all guests a £100.00 refundable bond in case we need to pay for extra cleaning or damage etc.

Your caravan insurance through Butlins will cover you for most things, but you do have to pay a £50.00 excess. Butlins say you can claim as many times as you like and it will not affect your insurance premiums.

You will need to sign a sublet consent form from Butlins for Paula’s Holidays to Hire out your caravan.

The cleaner will need a set of keys for cleaning and Butlins will need 4 sets of keys for us to sublet the caravan.

For dates, you would like to use your van just let us know and we will close them out for you on the website and we can arrange a clean and/or bedding for you if you let us know.


We will also arrange cleaning and bed linen for you if you require it at an extra cost. The cleaner will notify us of any problems after each subletting.

You need to have a PAT Test for all electrical equipment when subletting in the caravan this is annual.

The electric and Gas test is carried out by Butlins annually unless you inform them otherwise and present them with your certificates. (please note: if you inform them you are getting the tests done yourself, but then do not give them your certificate they will automatically have the tests carried out at your expense, without notice to you). Electric and Gas test are carried out automatically by Butlins. We can arrange these for you for a lower cost.

Would you like to know more?

For more information on subletting with us contact us on 07802 325234 or email us at